Loss & Liver

by I Hate It Here

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Loss & Liver was recorded from October 2014 to June 2015.

Loss & Liver was recorded using a keyboard, guitars, bass guitar, synthesizers, various percussion instruments, some pedals and a computer.

These songs have little relevance in my life anymore. All lyrical content is melodramatic.

RIP Zach McCurdy. My PC is cold. I miss you.


released November 10, 2015

Written, recorded, and mastered by Cooper Carrington.

Guest Appearances:
Lily Bagher - violin - Dopamine Genocide
Matthew Bainbridge - bass guitar - Toucan Man

Special Thanks:
My parents for their support. Thank you for providing me everything. I love you.
Hill Baker for teaching me everything I know and guiding me through the recording process.
Sidney Johnson for her poetic guidance.

Photography by Sydney Carrington



all rights reserved


I Hate It Here Denver, Colorado

I Hate It Here is the solo project of Denver's Cooper Carrington.

Live by your own values that comply with that of mine which is of Being but certainly not all there is...

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Track Name: Toucan Man
Is it selfish to brag, "I'm going to kill myself, when she kills herself!"?
Don't you find it funny, in a room full of God's own image?
No, you fucking idiot, school shooting has no double meaning

I've decapitated my only friend
I clipped her wings
and as she bled
she wept to me
"Oh God! Why do you hate me?"
Toucan man don't have time for invisible friend
Track Name: Dopamine Genocide
And all that was a dream was never recovered
a bathtub full of blood and broken promises
I threatened her a note
She said, "I don't care anymore"
a slinky thigh and an act upon evisceration
I hope you know how much it hurts to say "I love you"
Trying not to sob in front of your father
I think we both know how that feels

Why don't you cry?
Why don't you cry?
Why won't I die?
Why won't I die?
I hope he holds you tighter than I did
cause I never held you tight enough
Dopamine genocide
La la la la la la
Dopamine denocide
La la la la la la

And all that was never reconciled confided in my files
to be opened never ever, never ever ever
On these arctic nights the grass is hair on fire
window lights: a police siren in menopause

Don't tell me I'm not a burden
I wouldn't believe in you
Track Name: The Police Luvs U (I Luv America)
Lionhearted loses lively living
Unregulated ungulates under uselessness
Vicious vendetta vulturing
Severely scarred scarcely surviving

Barely nuanced. A cigar, a heart attack, a samurai sword, a twelve year old boy with a hole in his heart. And if their families asked you, "Why did you take our boy's life?". You'd say, "I'd do it again, and again, and again, and again."

Take cover
I luv America
Track Name: Shallow Canyons
To live unknown in wretchedness
knowing gratification isn't enough
I feel nothing
I feel nothing
I feel

Our chests are shallow canyons
with amorphous hearts
How can a space be so vacuous
yet have no room for life?
I rarely dream anymore
but when I do it's of sweet release
Despair's kisses in the night
it's a lovely thought to die, isn't it?
Track Name: I Want A Six Pack
I sweat self confidence but not nearly enough
to ease my stomach around this porcelain
Will you hold my hand while I scream out
I hate myself

Oh my god, my god
Look in the mirror my son
There's no better way to flip yourself off
Oh my god, my god
Look in the mirror my son
Say hello to your uvula

I want a six pack
I wish somebody could love me

You always smell like incompetence and never ever good enough
but if scratch hard enough maybe you'll pick that bug right from your head
Will you hold my hair while I scream out
Just keep trying